Fashion Illustrations

A selection of my favorite fashion croquis from 2017, largely using colored pencil on 90 lb paper. To render more textured fabrics, I often used pens and markers to achieve varying opacities.

Field — Fashion Illustration, Traditional
Media — Prismacolor Colored Pencils, Brush Markers
Les Plis

Drapery is one of my favorite techniques to render. I wanted to create a collection of feminine and current dresses. The left look displays the most structure of the three, whereas the middle and right pieces emphasize more floral elements. I drew simple accessories for a classic look.

The Spades, The Clubs, The Hearts, and The Diamonds

With this collection, I designed and illustrated suits with less conventional silhouettes. Each look is composed of warm and/or cool shades of brown, with accents of red and cloud blue. I rendered textures including velvet, as seen on figure two, and nylon, as seen on figure four. Each look is complete with an isosceles briefcase.

To The Beach, Bunny

This set of illustrations was inspired by a childhood memory of a three year old Julia standing on the beach, shovel in hand, wearing a pink and blue bunny two-piece bathing suit, complete with a floppy brimmed sun hat. I not only wanted to take direct inspiration from the 2003 swim suit, but I also wanted to capture the innocence and whimsy of the memory.

Women of Flora

This set of illustrations was a fabric study in which I focused on (from left to right) satin, fur, and sequins. I intertwined this study with influences from Dior standards of fashion design. Among all four pieces, I wanted to reflect sophistication, femininity, and modernity. With many of my illustrations, I aspire to capture Christian Dior's comparison of women to flowers.

Ella & Lady T

This collection is a modern take on the garb from the classic fairytale, Cinderella. The left render is Evil Stepmother, Lady Tremaine, and the right, Cinderella. The motif of eternity, depicted through gradients and sprawling gowns, suggests a sense of fantasy.

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